Forwarding emails securely with Email routing on Cloudflare


CloudFlare has been a leader in making web more fast and secure with its CDN service. It also has been providing on other features on top of its core offering. Some of these features include DDOS protection, third-party applications, serverless functions and DNS management. Email routing is the new feature from CloudFlare. It is currently in private beta testing, however, you can use it if you use CloudFlare DNS.

Email routing setup with CloudFlare is straightforward. CloudFlare will prompt you to add necessary DNS records, and if you already host your domain there, it does it with a single click. You don’t need to go back and forth while setting up the correct DNS records.

MX DNS entries for CloudFlare Email Routing

Once the DNS records validate, users can add emails for routing. Add all the ones you need. CloudFlare will verify the forwarded-to emails to verify they exist.

CloudFlare Email Forwarding Setup

Email routing verification

They also let you configure a “catch-all” email which forwards emails to email addresses you haven’t setup.

CloudFlare catch-all email address setup

And that’s it, you’re done. You can go ahead and test your emails to see if they’re working.